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About Us

Thank you for visiting our blog. If you’d like to know a little bit more about us, here’s the place!

We are Evers and Lois Ding. We’ve been married since 2001 and have six children between three and thirteen years old. Our two oldest are boys, which means they have lots of energy. The younger three are girls and have a reasonable amount of energy to expend daily as well.  Our youngest, a boy, is somehow also rather needy as well. =-)  The older five are in various stages of being homeschooled, and the youngest would like to be!

That explains the occasional drought of posts on our blog, we think.

We currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lois stays at home and has a more-than-full-time job looking after the well-being and upbringing of our children. Evers works as a software developer. We both enjoy reading and learning, which means we try to squeeze time in between parenting, employment, homeschooling, etc., for opening up the many books in our bookcases. On occasion, we’ll share our impressions and reviews of books we read on this blog.

Most importantly, we are committed Christians. Which is to say, our lives are entirely dedicated to hope, reality and proclamation of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to make every facet of our lives submitted to grace of God as He has shown us in the Bible. Another way of describing ourselves is that we are among those whom God, in His mercy, has rescued from the penalty and power and guilt of our foolish ways and brought into sweet and eternal relationship to Him as His children; and as His children, we want to be like our Father in heaven.

If you’re curious about “what sort” of Christians we are, or “what kind” of gospel we believe in, take a read through our blog and some of the links on our site. If that doesn’t clear things up, then please feel free to contact us. Or drop us a line even if it does clear things up!

This blog is a fruit of our commitment to our Lord Jesus and His grace at work in us. It is our desire that what we share with the world through this blog would reflect our love for God, His love for us, and how those two loves affect our lives. May it be a blessing to you.

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  1. Hollie Patterson says

    I just found your blog via Pinterest. I was looking at the naked egg project and quickly became hooked 🙂 We are a Jesus loving, homeschooling family as well. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to recreating the egg project with my three. May God bless you as you serve Him!

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