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Family Reading Six Years Later

In 2008 I blogged about our new family reading time, inspired by Andrew Pudewa’s insightful workshop on Nurturing Competent Communicators.  That was six years ago! I am quite proud to say that our family reading time is still a very treasured time and it has definitely become part of our family culture.  Admittedly, we weren’t always consistent in having family reading every night.  There were several periods of droughts due to different circumstances, but we were always able to get back on the horse.  My husband is still the preferred reader in family because he can do different voices and accents that make books come alive. As I look back to the last six years, it is with much fond memory, and I hope when the children get older and leave our house, they too, will look fondly to our many book adventures.

Given our love for family reading, it is with much interest and excitement that I discover Read Aloud Revival podcast this year.  It is a radio show that promotes reading aloud as a family through engaging interviews.  Each episode inspires me to keep our family reading alive and I always come away with nuggets of wisdom. I highly recommend this podcast.

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