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Gardening: A New Hobby

For years I had always said I don’t have time to grow plants because I’m busy growing kids.  We have finally reached a season where we are able to grow plants while not ignoring our six vibrant children.  I never knew gardening could be so much fun, relaxing, and rewarding.  As I get older, I’m more convinced that we need more nature.  Having a little garden to cultivate forces us outdoors and enjoy nature more regularly.

A couple of months ago, we decided to convert part of our back lawn for veggie gardening. This is what our back lawn looked like before:


My handy husband built four planters from a design he found online:


… and together with everyone in the family, we transported several cubic yards / truck loads of compost and soil from local sources to our home and then our backyard:


We then sprayed the old grass with undiluted vinegar, dug holes with a post hole digger, and put in four total planter beds and filled them in. Here’s what they look like today:



In addition to the four new planters, we have other existing beds in our garden where we are growing different types of zucchini, tomatoes, kale, stevia, lettuce, etc.




We look forward to a fruitful summer where we can enjoy the fruit (and veggies!) of our labor as well as sharing with friends.

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    Gardening: A New Hobby

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