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School Assignment Chart

A year ago I came up with the school cards system where each student must complete daily school assignments as printed on individual cards.  While this system worked fabulously, I modified it to better serve our homeschooling needs.

All the school assignments are now printed on one chart.  When a student completes a subject, he/she marks it off.  At the end of the day I’m able to see at a glance what subjects are still outstanding for each student, all on one sheet.  This new system saves me time because I can easily see what subjects still need to be done.  The assignment chart is color coded, laminated, and hung on our refrigerator.  The chart can be reused because all the markings are wiped off at the start of each week, ready for the new week.

The laminated assignment chart adhered to the refrigerator, next to the laminated chore chart.

Close up view of the charts.



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