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Helping Children Practice Public Speaking

It is common knowledge that the number one fear in people is public speaking.  I took a speech class once and after seeing each person standing up in front of the class and sweating bullets, I can attest to the fear of public speaking.  Even though such skill is greatly feared, I believe it to be a very important and useful life skill. For this reason, I am eager to help my children ease in to public speaking and overcome any fear they may have.

The practice of public speaking is now enfolded into our nightly routine of story time and prayer.  Part of the children’s school assignment is to copy a portion of the Bible, and the children are to read their daily selection each night in front of everyone.  Mom and dad are also included in the rotation.

To begin, we gave them some tips:

  • stand straight with feet apart
  • enunciate each word clearly
  • read with inflections
  • pause at commas and periods
  • take a breath between commas and periods 
  • don’t lean on the wall or anything else
  • don’t fidget
  • don’t incorporate hmm and uhhh while speaking

Everyone took turns reading and I was so encouraged that all the children spoke with ease and with a great attitude.  As we practice more, I hope to incorporate more critique and feedback from the audience so we can better learn.

We often have guests over at our house and I hope to use this opportunity for the children to practice public speaking in front of our guests.  As the children become more comfortable speaking in front of a small group, I will seek other venues to increase the group size.

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