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Reusable Spill-Resistant Drinking Glasses

We love our children.

We really do.

But we don’t really like some of the things they’re prone to do.

Like knocking over and spilling their cups at the dinner table. Onto freshly laundered tablecloths.

So for years we’ve used “sippy cup” solutions. Like these:

But we’ve found recently that these are too small for older children.

What’s more, on most days, we have smoothies for breakfast. Which requires a cup with a straw; and spillage is no fun with these either. ┬áSo we bought these double wall tumblers at Dollar Tree which work nice but are not dishwasher-safe (read: more work), and what’s more one by one they kept cracking or breaking apart:

So what to do?

Inspired by the interweb and pinterest, we decided to come up with our own solution: mason jars + plastic lids.

I already had a dozen mason jars I’d purchased years ago with the intent to try some canning. They were in brand new condition.

I then went to Wal-Mart and bought plastic mason jar lids in the same section that they sell the jars — these are for storage, not for canning — but served our purposes wonderfully. We chose to use plastic because metal lids used for the same purpose would eventually rust.

My husband, with the assistance of my oldest son, then simply used a 1/4″ drill bit — the exact diameter of straws we bought in bulk from Costco — and drilled clean holes in each lid. He used a bit of scrap lumber underneath to help make a cleaner hole (and prevent drilling holes in furniture, ha ha).

The result? Perfectly reusable, perfect-straw-fitting, dishwasher-safe and big-enough-for-everyone drinking glasses! Even we adults love to use them!

Our children approve too!

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  1. Melissa McCoy says

    Brilliant! We may have to try this at our house. Thanks for the great idea.

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