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Summer Gardening: Tomatoes and Zucchini

Wow. Has it been that long since we posted? Yup.

I blame Instagram (for making it easy to share photos with friends), children (for being so high maintenance!), and summer slowdown.

That said, a friend asked (over Instagram, ironically) if I’d posted any photos of our garden on the blog. That seemed a great opportunity to share some of the results we’ve had so far growing tomatoes and zucchini — though none of really yet hit full maturity.

We planted tomato seedlings and zucchini seeds in mid-to-late April. The seedlings were heirloom varieties that came from Love Apple Farms in Santa Cruz, and the zucchini from who-knows-where. In any case, we’ve had great results so far, even though we’ve only so far harvested a couple zucchini and two small cherry tomatoes.  I followed their directions for growing better tomatoes, and the 6+ ft. tall tomato plants seem to suggest there’s something to it.

Here are a few broad shots of our seven tomato (six shown) & five zucchini plants:

And some up-close shots as they stand today. We’re eagerly anticipating lots of ripe tomatoes and zucchini over the next couple of months!

“Black Krim” tomatoes (clearly not yet ripe!):

“Black Cherry” tomatoes (also obviously not ripe):

“Yellow Pear” tomatoes:

One beautiful ripe early bloomer from that one so far:

And to top it off, a Thai Basil plant that we grew from cuttings last year and finally decided to plant outdoors to see if it would thrive better outside a small container. It seems to be agreeable so far!

But not all is well. Our white nectarine tree — which has been “repaired” and “reinforced” several times over the years — finally gave up when it snapped in half a couple of days ago from the weight of too many fruit on one side. This is what it looked like when I picked it up from on top of our beloved zucchini plants:

Well, that’s all for now. Lord and time willing, I’ll post photos of some yummy fruits in the coming weeks and months!


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