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Bedroom Rain Gutter Shelf

A couple of years ago, we were inspired by other crafty bloggers on the net to use a rain gutter to build a bookshelf in our school/family room.

That bookshelf, as it turned out, was mounted just under a large white board, and so became a perfect storage location for erasers, dry erase pens, and miscellaneous school supplies.

And it was just low enough that infants/toddlers kept pulling books off… so it hasn’t seen the use that we originally intended for it.

Fast forward two years, and I finally got around to installing another one of these gutters — purchased over two years ago — in the boys’ bedroom. This is for books… and whatever else they want to deposit inside. =-) For now it’s the temporary residence of a number of plush animals that were on the floor.


And, yes, Andrea, I’d be happy to install these in your up & coming new home.

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