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Keeping Up with the Times: Adding a Twitter feed

[Updated to be more intelligible to non-techies, i.e., normal folks!]

If you’re one of our readers who follows along with our blog by subscribing to our RSS feed — you know who you are — and you’re also a Google Reader user… then this applies to you. The rest of you lovely people may ignore this post, or perhaps read on and gain some useful knowledge.

Sad news: Google Reader is going away.  Which is partly because RSS (a technology for “subscribing” to online content such as news feeds & blogs) is apparently… no longer relevant. At least to a majority of folks.

Well, we still love it.  But we must keep up with the times.

[Update: we’ve since discovered Feedly, which is a more than adequate replacement for Google Reader! So we’ll continue our personal happy habits of reading many blogs by using Feedly, even as we begin posting our own blog posts to a Twitter feed for those who prefer that venue].

So in light of the impending death of Google Reader (July 2013) and thereby one of the most popular means of reading RSS feeds, we’re adding a new option for those who want to be automatically notified of new posts on our website: a Twitter feed.  Each time we add a new post to our blog, there will automatically be a new entry in our blog twitter feed to notify followers of the new post.

Thus, if you have a Twitter account, you can follow along by clicking here:

The rest of you may continue to periodically come visit our website on your web browser using the same web address you always have.

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  1. Andrea says

    I’m grieving the loss of Reader. I don’t want to learn something new. Putting my head back into the sand now.

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