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Milk Art

When I saw this milk art post via Pinterest, I knew it’d be a winner to do with my children.  However, there was only one problem.  I simply couldn’t bear to use good, drinkable milk for a project.  Bottom line is: I don’t like to waste food.  Not sure if anyone else feels this way.

Just so happen we have a little bit of milk left in the jug that had gone bad.  This time I didn’t feel too bad about this mishap because I knew I could use it for the long awaited milk art.

The project is quite simple and satisfying.  All you need are milk, food coloring, and dish washing soap.

I gave the kids a plate filled with milk and had them squirt food coloring on it.  They thought this was the coolest thing and assumed that this was it.  Just wait until they realize what comes after this step.

Whey they were satisfied with all the different color combinations and squirting, I gave them a small plate of dish soap to pour on their colored milk.  The result was just fun and pretty to watch.

This little girl didn’t know what to expect and was a bit timid to try it out herself so I had the pleasure of pouring the dish soap.

Here is another milk art in action:

As noted by others, you should use 2% or higher milk.  We used whole milk.  Eco friendly dish soap doesn’t work.  We used Palmolive.

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  1. Jen says

    Looks like fun! Hey, how are you all? We miss you guys. I hope all is well. We are doing well here. Jonathan is such a good sleeper that I am doing pretty great considering that we have a 3 month old. For that I am so thankful! We should get together soon. Are you going to Academy of Sciences this month?

  2. Andrea says

    I know we’re not supossed to cry over spilt milk, but with the prices of milk here in Hawaii… I sob hysterically! I wonder if instant milk could be used for this project?

  3. Rosa @ FlutterFlutter says

    Glad you had a chance to try it out! Thanks for linking up. 🙂 It was pretty cool! I did the same thing and waited until milk went bad before I tried it the second time… felt like way too much of a waste, and it still worked! 🙂

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