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Dining Room Chairs Reupholstered

Our latest project was reupholstering our twenty-year-old dining chairs.  I’m just happy that we finally gave new life to these chairs.  These chairs were so uncomfortable to sit on because the foam cushions had lost their resiliency. In addition, to be honest, the fabric covers were, well, gross darkened from years of use (and minimal cleaning). In short, they were overdue a makeover.

Before & after (if you look closely, you can even tell that the original on the left is practically flat, whereas the new one on the right has a curvature due to the new foam cushion holding its shape in the center):

Step 1: Remove original pads from chairs with screwdriver/drill

Step 2: Cut new upholstery foam with an electric knife.  I traced the patterns from original seat padding.

Step 3: Line up new fabric, foam underneath the original seat platform removed from chair. Pictured here is a neighbor’s air-compressor-powered staple gun that made the job 1000x easier!

Step 4: Staple fabric, not my toes (I stood on top of the wood in order to hold it down while my husband stretched the fabric firmly over the edges and stapled it to the plywood platform).

After assembling each seat cushion, we reattached them to the frames, and voila!  Brand new dining chair set!


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  1. Mary Beth says

    Lookin’ good! You’ll need to invite us over so we can break ’em in for you. 🙂

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