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Portable Medicine “Cabinet”

It had always puzzled me as to why medicine cabinets are installed in the bathrooms.  My biggest concern is the medicine’s exposure to daily shower steam.  That can’t be good for the medicine.  In addition, I don’t find storing medicine in the bathroom that convenient.  After thinking of different ideas, I came across an idea from a blogger where she stores her medicine in a tackle box.  (Note: I think this woman’s idea is awesome but unfortunately I don’t know where I came across her post) I haven’t a clue what a tackle box is.  I don’t fish and I’ve never fished.  I’m just a regular suburbanite.  Turns out it’s a box with many different little compartments for fishing baits.  I went to Walmart and got myself a three-tiered fishing tackle box, which was $12.97.

Here’s the tackle box opened:

Tackle box expanded:

There’s still room in the box for me to fill.  I store the box in the kitchen pantry which makes it very convenient to grab.  In addition, the size of the box is very portable so we can easily take the whole box with us on vacations.  This eliminates the need to pack another medicine supply for the trip.

Walmart also sells other types of tackle boxes such as two-tiered and seven-tiered boxes.  Three-tiered is just the perfect size for us.

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  1. Jen says

    What a great idea! I’m going to have to do this. I totally agree about the medicine in the bathroom. By the way, your comment section….making people answer questions to post comments – not very nice to do to a person when they haven’t had their morning coffee….I’m sitting at the computer….9*5….uuuuuhhhh…. 5,10,15,20…….;)

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