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Ivory Soap Clouds

I’ve been seeing the Ivory soap cloud project on Pinterest and internet, and I just have to try it with the kids.

First you need to buy Ivory soap and it has to be Ivory.  I read that other brands just don’t work.  Unwrap the soap and place it on a plate.  See, just plain Ivory soap.  No magic yet.

Next, put it in the microwave and heat it for two minutes.  Sit pretty for 30 seconds and then look at the soap expand.

After two minutes, voila!  We have Ivory soap clouds.  So coooooooool.

Now, time to touch it and play with it though you might want to wait until the soap is cooled off a bit.


Have some fun with it.  Here’s my boy pretending to eat it.  I’m afraid he’s inherited our silly genes.

I just don’t like to see a good bar of soap go to waste, even if it’s for the purpose of an experiment, so I told the kids to take a bath and play with it.  Yay!  Killing two birds with one stone: fun experiment and clean kids.  Love the combination!

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