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Matthew’s 10th Birthday Bash

What happens when we decide to throw a 10th birthday party for our firstborn son with as many guests as he would like to invite, including their families?

24 adults, 32 children (that’s 56 total (!) if you’re counting…) and lots and lots and lots of work fun!

At Matthew’s request, we put together a Lego-themed party, complete with several homemade Lego-themed favors (in home-sewn favor bags), homemade Lego cakes, Lego party games, and even a homemade Lego-brick pinata!  We pulled together a lot of great ideas from the Internet and went crazy for the past couple weeks putting this together.  We’ll try to put up a post soon with some details on some of the fun stuff we made for the party.

To top it off, we reserved a local park and were blessed with fantastic weather, all adding up to a wonderful party for everyone!

Two days later, Lois and I are still trying to recover from the preparations and execution of this gig; but it was so worth it, knowing that Matthew (and our guests) had a blast!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!  You have been and continue to be an amazing blessing in our lives and we love you lots!!!

Here are some photos from the festivities…

Yummy cupcakes with Lego-heads attached:

25 pounds of pulled pork plus fixings:

Game 1 — “Guess the number of Lego bricks in the jar”:

Most of the children at the party lined up in preparation for group games:

Tossing legos into bowls (aka Lego carnival game):

The “hit” of the party, the homemade Lego brick pinata (get it? “hit?” ha ha ha):

Kids and adults alike took turns trying to bust it open:

Including the birthday boy…

And a few parents!

And even yours truly, taking the final swings before it finally broke open…

The yummy birthday cake made up like a Lego brick (note: it’s a bit tricky to light candles in breezy weather):

And finally, a gratuitous photo of our adorable 3.5-month-old Nathaniel with a couple of his doting grandparents:

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  1. Andrea says

    What fun! I love the creativity you all ALWAYS utilize! Any chance I could hire you to create a mid-July 8th birthday party with an aquatic dolphin and equestrian theme. And no, she does not want seahorses. Go figure.

    Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

  2. tiff says

    wow, double digits now, eh?? what a blessing 🙂

  3. estella says

    just wanted to say hi. the blog has been pretty quiet, so perhaps your family is very busy or having a lot of fun…or both. hope you are all doing well! matthew’s bday party looked awesome.

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