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Angry Birds Art

My kids love Angry Birds.

They love my Angry Birds jammie pants

They love to play (when we let them) on our phones.

They loved it when Lois made them Angry Bird plush toys.

So it was no surprise that my oldest (nearly 10yo son) cracked up when I told him about a comic strip I’d seen on a blog about “what really happened at Stonehenge”:

Now, remember, I only ever described the comic strip as a mingling of an image of Stonehenge “before” and an Angry Bird flying mid-air toward it.

I did not show him the picture.

Again: I did not show him the above picture, nor go into great length describing it.

He’s learned about Stonehenge from history lessons Lois taught.

So imagine my shock, surprise and delight when my two older boys showed me this drawing they came up with entirely on their own:


What was really shocking was that they drew the above using nothing more than Microsoft Paint.

As in the most basic computer-based drawing program in the world in MS Windows (for our Angry Bird loving Hawaii-based blog readers who are also Mac afficionados).

Wow.  Wow.

So cool.

This is what is called “delight-directed learning.”

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  1. Andrea says

    I used to love MS Paint! So you’ve heard about the Angry Birds in Space right? Steve said we can buy it for the iPad next time we move (and have a few months to kill).

  2. Chelita says

    Wow is right!!!! Beautiful minds!!!

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