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Naked Egg Experiment

We had so much fun doing the naked egg experiment.  Click through to do the experiment yourself.  I love this experiment because it’s easy and only requiring items we already have in the house.  One of the best parts about this experiment is that you can leave it and forget about it without botching the results.  Trust me, I did forget it in the fridge as I let the eggs soak for days.

This experiment involves dissolving the egg shells with vinegar, hence the name “naked egg.” You are then left with the egg white and yolk encased in a semi-permeable membrane.  We then put one naked egg in water and another one in corn syrup to learn about osmosis, which is the process of water moving from more concentrated to less concentrated solution.  In the water solution, the egg expanded as the water moved inside the egg whereas in the corn syrup solution, the egg shrunk as the water inside the egg moved out.  After this, we reversed the process by putting the imploded egg in the water solution to expand it and the fat egg in the corn syrup solution to shrink it.  The results were fabulous and fun to play with.

Without further ado, here are  pictures documenting our experiment.

Here is the egg sitting in the vinegar solution, and as you can see, the shells are already dissolving and releasing bubbles.

After two days of soaking, the shells are completely dissolved.  To the left is the naked egg and to the right is the normal egg.  As you can see, the naked egg had already expanded and is larger compared to the regular egg.

The kids then took turns handling the naked egg and bouncing it gently.

After some fun, we put one naked egg in water solution (we added red food coloring to the water) and another in corn syrup.  After soaking for about two days, here are our shrunken and fat eggs.  Very cool, right?

We reversed the process by putting the red, fat egg in the corn syrup solution and the wrinkled egg in the water solution and let them soak for about two days.  Truth be told, we forgot about these eggs as they sat in the refrigerator so they sat in the solution for many days.

Our red, fat egg shrank.

Our shrunken egg is now revived and plump.  Because it was in the red water solution, it too became red (though a lighter shade than the first).

Once again we played with the eggs.  I dropped the fat egg in the bowl and it instantly popped as there was a lot of water content inside the egg.  The red blob to the right of the egg yolk is the membrane.


The kids took turn feeling the membrane and squishing the egg yolk out.

Now, on to the shrunken egg.  Here is Bethany feeling it and checking it out.

We bounced the egg from various heights to try to pop it.

Look at this boy’s hand!  That’s the perfect free-throw hand motion for basketball.  He was trying to score and he did.  The egg finally popped after many abuses from these kids.

Due to the low water content inside the egg, it was much harder to pop it.  And of course we have to mess with the insides just to see.

They sure love the gooey mess.  I was actually quite relaxed about this mess, only because it was well contained.  You see, this is the solution to everyone’s happiness.  Mess = happy children.  Well contained mess = happy mom.  When you have this combination, you have one happy family.

The aftermath of our much abused eggs.

For the conclusion of our experiment, I here present NATHANIEL!

His older brother thought it was cool to put an camouflage bandanna on him.

You may wonder what Nathaniel has to do with our experiment.  Well, nothing really.  It really doesn’t have to make sense.

My blog, my call.

That said, I posted his pictures for the following reasons:

  1. My island-dwelling friend Andrea thinks he is cute so this is primarily for her viewing pleasure.
  2. These pictures share the same memory space in my camera as the experiment.  I’m all about equality here.
  3. Blogging is harder to come by these days due to sleep deprivation so squeezing everything I want to say all in one post is ideal.
  4. Hmmmm. . . . I ran out of brain cells to actually say something.

Oh wait, few of my brain cells have returned.  We now have a nickname for this child!  We didn’t have troubles in the past coming up with nicknames for our children, except for Nathaniel.  For some reason we just didn’t have a good one for him, and once again I attribute it to brain cell depletion.  Before I reveal his real nickname, I must tell you about my failed nickname.  I affectionately call him “Man-Child.”  Notice that i used the present tense for “call” instead of past tense?  It’s because I still think in present tense and not willing to let go of this nickname.  I tried to convince the family that this name is biblical.  After all, biblical matriarchs and patriarchs call their sons man-child.  It’s gotta be in the Bible somewhere.  The family ignored me at first, not saying anything positive nor negative.  They eventually moved into the stage of frowning upon hearing this name.  They have now moved to the final stage of declaring this nick name as weird.  I think they’re really saying that I’m weird and to which I say. . . too bad I can’t argue against that.  Man-child isn’t sticking so we have to move on though I’m still holding out hope.

So my husband has the winning nick name of CHEEKS.  Nathaniel is all cheeks and we absolutely love those droopy, squeezable, and plumply cheeks.  Everyone in the family approves.  Even I have to succumb to such a cute nickname.  So, there you have it, a window into my scattered brain.

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  1. Carl Nelson says

    Hi Evers and Lois,

    Looks like everyone had a great time with the naked egg experiment!

    I’m curious if I can have permission to re-post your image (with credit) of the shriveled egg and red egg in the naked egg article on our website?


  2. estella says

    Ooh that’s cool. I never did that in school. I like how you say: “Mess = happy children. Well contained mess = happy mom”

    As I saw the last few photos I was thinking, “aww look at those chubby cheeks”. Well-named.

  3. Chelita says

    We loved doing that experiment! So cool! 🙂

  4. Andrea says

    Egg, baby, nickname. A great combination! Thank you! Now where did you get the idea for the egg experiment so I can cut, copy, paste in our own home!

  5. Andrea says

    I just noticed the link to the experiment at the top of the post. Go back to sleep and disregard the crazy lady in Hawaii

  6. CobyLyn says

    Haha!! Glad I clicked on link on Egg Experiment. Great pics and ADORABLE children!

  7. Serina says

    Your kids are soooo adorable. (I have 3 kids so I, too, have limited braincells and so this is what I took away from your post) Oh and my daughters and I are totally doing this tonight.

  8. Connie says

    You have a great blog, glad I clicked the link. As for the nickname, just so you remember he will grow up some day and be in middle school, “the nickname hell”.

    • Connie says

      Oops, just noticed you are apparently homeschooling them, three cheers for you, so maybe it won’t affect him until he is an adult, haha.

  9. Leia @ sunny side up. says

    I know a 22 year old with the nickname Cheeks… and he is doing just fine in life (:
    Thanks for sharing this experiment!

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