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Grace Hunt

“Grace hunt” is a term coined by Ed Welch of Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, and the idea is to identify evidence of God’s grace in a person’s life.  In other words, it means we try our best to find something good in a person.

In a household full of little ones who need daily corrections for one thing or another, we need grace, and lots of it.  It is easy to lose sight of what grace means in the midst of training.  Recently I implemented “grace hunt” in our home.  Rather than haphazardly going about it, I made it a daily instance during our dinner time.

I explained to the kids that “grace hunt” is like a treasure hunt.  Instead of hunting for treasures, we’re hunting for grace.  We want to see how God works in each person.  We started with me identifying evidences of grace in each child’s life during that particular day.  I can definitely tell that they really like it.  Who wouldn’t want to be praised?  I’m also careful in not merely boosting one’s ego through such practice.  I make sure that whatever good I see in a child is directed back to God.  For example, “I’m so happy to see you obeying quickly and finishing your chore.  I see God helping you to be more diligent and obedient.  Thank you.”  As I identifies evidence of grace in the children, I also encourage them to look for them in their siblings during the day.

I am very glad that we’re doing “grace hunt” on a daily basis because it helps me reflect on each child.  I often get derailed emotionally when I’m constantly dealing with problems so helping me focus on God’s grace in each child’s life is a good practice for me.  It definitely fights against disappointment, depression, or other negative sentiments.

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