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B Is For Beer

Today’s lesson for my three-year-old daughter was “B is for beer.”  Yup, you read that right, BEER!

This morning, my eldest took his little sister under his wing to begin her formal education.  He got her started with all the necessary materials (“just like” her older siblings): a pencil box, a binder, a pair of scissors, two pencils, and a few crayons.  Today, he taught her the letter B and began to show her what words start with this particular letter by cutting corresponding pictures from a grocery ad.  This explained why when I went to check the ad for a grocery shopping trip, there were many missing images and lots of holes in the ads.  This was not apparent to me initially, but after seeing my daughter’s lesson, the holey ads mystery was solved.  I chuckled when my son clipped a picture of beer, among other B letter words.

It was so sweet watching him teach his sister.  He was so patient with her and she reciprocated by being receptive to his teaching.

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  1. Yaz says

    Now she just needs to learn “wo yao he pi jiu”

  2. Lois says

    Yes, that’d be our Chinese lesson.

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