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Life With our Newest Family Member

We’ve been enjoying our baby boy for the past two weeks and he is such a wonderful blessing to our family.  It’s been so good to have a baby boy again.  Our last boy was born over 7 years ago so we have forgotten what it was like to have a baby boy.  We’re so used to having girls that both Evers and I keep referring to Nathaniel as “she” or “her.”  There are also several boy-related things that brought back memories, specifically related to the potty.

Here’s Nathaniel in the snuggler I made for him.  This snuggler works so well and he is quite content and warm all bundled up.

Our regular routine still goes on though at a much slower pace.  School is still in session with daddy as the substitute teacher.  It’s been wonderful to have him home for a month.  He is my substitute teacher and my caretaker.  I’m very grateful and blessed by him.

When Nathaniel makes a peep, there’s always someone who is more than willing to hold him and comfort him.  Here is his big brother holding him while doing schoolwork on the computer.  He is quite good at multi-tasking I might add.  It’s so heart-warming to see how everyone cares for this little dude.


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  1. Andrea says

    JUST TOO CUTE! I hope everyone is getting enough sleep!

  2. Chelita says

    I think that baby boy is just perfect. 🙂 Kiss him for me, sweet family. 🙂

    Isn’t it so nice to have so many helping hands?

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