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DIY Angry Birds Plush Toys

My kids like playing the Angry Birds game and as a result they like all things Angry Birds.  I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this game and the current phenomenon.  I absolutely have no idea that it’s so popular as I’m seeing many merchandise in the stores and on the internet.  A friend had to educate me on this game and what each bird does.  I’m surprised that it’s not a mindless game and that there are strategies involved.

When my husband got a pair of Angry Birds PJ pants, all the kids ooooo’ed and ahhhhh’ed over it.  They love looking at all the different birds.  I thought perhaps I could buy some Angry Birds fabric either online or at the fabric store so I can make a pair of Angry Birds pants for all the kids, but to my surprise, there was none to be found.  Sad!  But, I accidentally stumbled upon a blogger who made her own Angry Birds plush toys.  I was overjoyed and knew that my kids would love these plushies.  I’ve been secretly sewing and carefully hiding each finished birds after the kids have gone to bed each night.  They will be presented to them on Christmas day.

Here are my Angry Birds.  I stuffed each one with fiberfill and a little bit of beans to give it some weight and velocity when thrown.  Yes, they’re meant to be thrown.  Keep in mind that I filled it with “a little bit of beans” so that the kids don’t get whacked too painfully by these birds.



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  1. Chelita says

    I have seen that tutorial, I think. 🙂 You did great. What blessed children.

  2. tifflay says

    wahhh so cool! 😀

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