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DIY Canvas Prints

I really like photos printed on canvas, but they’re quite expensive even though prices had been more affordable these days.  I think canvas prints make excellent Christmas gifts, especially for the grandparents.  This year I decided to make my own canvas prints so I can generously give each set of grandparents five canvas prints of the recent portraits Evers took.  I came across an excellent DIY canvas tutorial that explained the steps very clearly.  Thanks to!  By the way, the craft section of Pinterest can by quite addicting.

I sent my husband to Michael’s Arts & Crafts (because I refuse to leave my tower) to get plain 8″x10″ canvasses, which were about $1 per canvas (in bulk) after 50% off coupon.  I already have Mod Podge, paint, and other supplies.  We printed 8″x10″ portraits at Costco for $1.49 each.  All in all, the cost was $2.49 per canvas.  Yay!

I deviated from the tutorial a bit.  Instead of adding paper strips to the sides of the canvas, I painted them black.  I tried the paper strips technique using other prints and even though they turned out fine, I found that they were easier to mess up.  I really didn’t want to risk messing up these pretty portraits so thanks to my husband’s suggestion, I painted the sides black.

After the sides are completely dry, I spread Mod Podge evenly over the canvas and mount the photo onto it.  After this is dried, I spread another layer of Mod Podge over the photo itself.  I must admit that it was a bit nerve wracking doing that because it looked like I just messed up the print due to its milk streaks on the photo.  But!  It dried clear so all was good.

Here is a close-up of the finished product.  The dried, clear streaks resemble that of a true canvas print.

All five prints finished!

My husband installed a saw tooth type of picture hanger on the back of each one for hanging.  Now they’re all wrapped and ready to be presented to the grandparents.

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  1. Andrea says

    That is awesome! I love how each photo is posed the same. The touch of color behind Matthew gives a great punch too! I really should have made the effort to have Evers capture my girls too!

  2. Chelita says

    Oh girl!!! I am in love with this. Thankyou for sharing.

  3. Lois says

    This is a very easy and fun project. Not to mention inexpensive. You should try it. I really like the way the pictures look.

  4. estella says

    cool! thanks for the inspiration. i might try this some time!

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