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From a Shirt to a Dress

This pregnancy has been long and hard and I pretty much adopted the view that if it’s not urgent, then I can ignore it for now.  I’ll make the everyday necessities happen, but anything more than that I will just have to forego for the time being.  One of those less urgent things is adequate clothing for the kids.  Sad but true.  All of my kids have been inadequately dressed for I don’t know how long.  They walk around as if we’re still vacationing in Hawaii.  It’s winter after all and it’s cold!  What are they thinking???  Well, it’s not their fault, because this mama has been very tired so I have not shopped for clothes that actually fit them.  They’ve been wearing clothes that are either too small or clothes that are most suited for another season.  I’ve remedied the situation some by shopping online.  Yay for sales and online shopping!  I dread going out so shopping online is definitely the way to go for me.  We already have one huge shipment of clothes from Old Navy.  We all rejoiced and celebrated when all the kids got new clothes.  However, this large order is still inadequate because after all, I have five kiddos.

I finally decided to do some sewing after seeing my oldest daughter’s daily wear for the past week or two.  Yesterday when I came down and saw my oldest daughter’s outfit, every fiber in me twitched again and again.  The outfit was in every way WRONG!  It was a fashion nightmare and not only that, she looked like a vagabond.  Oh . . . my poor girl!  Again, it was not because of her bad taste in clothing, but it was because she simply didn’t have clothes that could fit her.  I was determined to make her a new dress that day.

To make my life easier, I refashioned a shirt of hers that she’s recently outgrown.  I cut off 4″ from the shirt bottom, added a matching fabric skirt piece to the shirt, and finally add a bit of ruffles to the sleeves to extend them.  The “new” dressed turned out great and I love how beautiful my daughter looks in it.


After seeing her big sister in her new dress, Calissa asked me to make one for her as well.  I thought I could put it off for another day, but I quickly discovered that Calissa quietly cried and sniffled on her own, wishing that I would make her a new dress.  My heart broke.  I told her that I would make her one too and that she could even pick out her own fabric.  Her mourning turned into dancing instantaneously.  Oh my girl!!!!  She loves wearing dresses.

Again, I used the same method.  I picked a shirt that she’d outgrown.

Cut off 4″ from the bottom, attached a matching fabric piece, 17″ x 45″ , and added strips of fabrics as ruffles to the sleeves.

Here’s my younger daughter watching and waiting for me to finish up her dress so she too, can be pretty like her big sister.

Here’s my happy customer.

And of course the girls want to pose together to show off their new dresses.

I must say that repurposing shirts is a lot easier than sewing a dress from scratch.  It’s a fun project and it sews up quite quickly.  I’m very pleased with the result.

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  1. Mary Beth says

    You go, Mama!
    (My offer still stands . . . okay, I guess it wasn’t really an offer . . . you’re welcome to keep that baby in you longer to help with the nesting and you could make some for my girls!)

  2. Andrea says

    Cute girls and dresses! I have a few shirts I could do that to. I also love the words on your tree. Did you make those?

  3. Lois says

    Yes, I made those ornaments on the tree. I made those last year using this tutorial
    The project is very easy and fun to make. You can download all those phrases.

  4. Sammy says

    Very Impressive!

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