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Baby Snuggler/Swaddler

I’ve been getting some sewing done for the babe in the womb.  Oh. . . how we wish he’ll arrive soon!  In the meantime I believe I’ve been nesting by cleaning (though not too much), sewing, and staying home bound and not wanting to leave the house unless I absolutely have to.

I love those baby snugglers or swaddling blankets that make a newborn feel very secure.  I found a free snuggler pattern online that I really like, but I don’t particularly care for the velcro part.  The snuggler is made of two layers:  fleece inner layer and a cotton outer layer.  I modified the original pattern to avoid using the velcro by extending the outer layer.  The longer wings allow me to tie it in a knot to make the snuggler more fitting.  See below.

Here’s my oldest daughter modeling for me.

Of course I just can’t make one because I know from experience that a baby will definitely soil the snuggler in no time.  In order to always have one in hand while the other one is in the wash, here’s the second snuggler I made.  Maybe I’ll go make another one, just in case.

Well, we are definitely ready for this baby.  Everyone in the house anxiously waits for his arrival though the thought of labor and delivery scares me.  Oh the pain!  But the result is absolutely worth it!

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  1. Chelita says

    I pray it is a fast and eay labor. I know a labor like my third has me scared, too! Hee hee…

    I love this project, nice job.

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