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More on Our Advent Reading

We’ve been enjoying our time together as a family for our Advent reading.  It’s such a relaxing time for all of us to be together and listen to three separate readings.

Below is a picture of the books we’re reading.  Russ Ramsey’s Behold the Lamb of God is a narrative account of events from the Old Testament to the coming of Christ.  We really appreciate Ramsey’s narrative account of the story as it helps both adults and kids to better comprehend the coming of Christ.  We purchased the bundle package which included Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God CD.  We’ve been listening to this CD continuously and we absolutely love it.  If you’re interested, you can listen to the whole album online for free.  Interestingly, Christianity Today did an interview with Andrew Peterson recently about his music and books.

For several weeks now, our family has been engrossed in Andrew Peterson’s first of the four books On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.  And yes, it’s the same Andrew Peterson, the singer and the writer.  I admit, it took me a while to make that connection.  We like this book a lot as it is both humorous and adventurous.  Some parts of it are just goofy, and we love goofiness.  The four-book saga has the flavor of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series.  It’s definitely worth reading.

Our Advent candles.  The candle arrangement is very simple.  I arranged four purple/reddish tapered candles on the outer perimeter inside a tray and I placed the one white candle in the middle.  To make it prettier, I put our Christmas tree trimmings around it.  It’s nothing super fancy but visually pleasing.  The tray works out really well because we can easily put it away after our nightly reading so the children don’t play with the arrangement nor the fire if left permanently on the table.

Lastly, our Christmas tree!  Last year we trekked into the mountains to chop down our perfect tree and it was such a wonderful memory.  We thought we would continue this tradition, but after we found out that Costco has Noble Fir trees for a good price, we decided to do the easy way.  Instead of traveling 45 minutes into the mountains, we drove 10 minutes to Costco to pick out a cheaper and better tree.

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  1. Chelita says

    The tree is so pretty. 🙂

  2. estella says

    We were gonna cut down our own tree too (I’ve never done it before), but life got too busy. We also drove 10 minutes….to Home Depot. 🙂

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