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Carseat Canopy

I have five more weeks left in my pregnancy and with a huge bowling ball in front of me every moment, I can’t wait to unload and meet the little fella.  Even though this is my sixth baby, I still have things I want to make.  Today I finally finished a sewing project that I’ve been thinking about but didn’t have the chance nor the energy to make it happen.  It definitely felt great to get the carseat canopy completed.

The purpose of the carseat canopy or cover is to shield the baby from wind, sun, germs, or strangers.  Essentially it’s just a blanket over the carseat with detachable loops.  I decided to make it a bit fancier by installing a zipper down the middle so I can easily unzip to check on the baby while still have the baby protected from outside environment from the sides.  Makes sense?  Totally!  In my own mind.

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  1. Chelita says

    It looks great. 🙂 Have a wonderful last few weeks of pregnancy.

  2. Mary Beth says

    You the mama! (And I love how you added “strangers” on the list of what to shield little Patrick from!)

  3. Jenny says

    Patrick? Have we decided on a name? Oh wait that was Mary Beth who decided huh. 🙂 Very cute blanket Lois! I’ll have to show my mom so she can make one for me 🙂

  4. Lois says

    You are a smart woman. Yes, Patrick is Mary Beth’s choice. She’s going with an Irish name again. We have yet to decide on a name. It’ll probably come to us when I’m in labor. Hahahhaaa. . . such procrastinators that we are.

  5. cindy says

    this is so awesome.

  6. Mary Beth says

    Patrick O’Ding! Ya, baby.

    Or maybe Bill, Stan, or Ben . . . Ding. 🙂

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