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Another Birthday for Bethany

I love to celebrate my children’s birthdays.

Not because of gifts.

Or parties.

But because it gives me a chance to really rejoice in the unique and wonderful blessing that each child is.

Today was our youngest child’s turn, and the final birthday this year in our family (unless, of course, our next arrival, who is due on Jan 3, 2012, chooses to arrive a few days early).

Bethany “Bobo” Hope, born three years ago in a hospital shower stall, is a cute girl of relatively small dimensions.  She’s just now outgrowing 24mo outfits.  But her cheerful smile is big enough to light up a room.  This evening we celebrated her 3rd birthday.  Lois made her a felt princess crown to commemorate the occasion.  Below are some photos from the fun.

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  1. Andrea says

    Happy Birthday Bobo! The crown is made adorable by the head it adorns.

  2. Matt says

    Calissa’s face gave me a shudder

  3. Chelita says

    What a cute birthday for such a cute girl. 🙂 Her joy is so seen in all the shots. 🙂

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