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Music: Slugs and Bugs

Slugs and bugs?  They don’t conjure up good images in my mind, but the kind of slugs and bugs we’ve been enjoying is Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame’s music albums, specifically the Slugs and Bugs and Lullaby and Slugs and Bugs Under Where? albums.  For the record, I just want to say:  WE LOVE THEM!  WE LOVE THEM!  WE LOVE THEM!  Ok, I’m done shouting.

Thanks to our tropical island dwelling friends’ recommendation, our house is constantly filled with rolling laughters whenever one of these two albums is playing.  We love the silly lyrics and different genre of music.  They are just plain hilarious.  We especially love the song Under Where?  Go ahead, say it out loud and see if you get it.  Under there!  Under where?  Under there!  Under where?  What’s amusing to me is how these two artists take very normal life experiences such as food, clothes, and even the potty (gasp!) and make funny songs out of them.  Some of the songs are totally random that make you scratch your head, but that fits our family sense of humor.  We love random stuff and non-sequitur.  Of course there are some serious songs that we enjoy as well.  If you’re an adoptive family, you’ll like I’m Adopted.  Tell It To Jesus is filled with truth about our sinfulness and how much we mess up.  I definitely recommend these two albums.

You can also buy the mp3 albums from Amazon for instant gratification and rolling laughter.  I sure did!  Play the samples and see if you enjoy goofy songs like we do.

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  1. Helen says

    =) We love Slugs and Bugs, too! We’re actually going to a concert here in town in a couple of weeks and our boys are going to go crazy. Under where? and Tractor, Tractor are the 2 favorites around here. Randy actually sent us all 3 CDs for free when he found out we’re missionaries.

    By the way, I’m researching homeschooling materials. Would love any suggestions. Right now I’m looking at Veritas Press.

    congrats on Nathaniel, by the way!


  2. Sarah says

    We LOVE Andrew Peterson and have been enjoying Slugs and Bugs for the past couple years! I didn’t realize there were three- I thought the only other one was the Christmas album! I will have to save up a little next month and try to get it.

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