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Best Pencil Sharpener Ever!

Call me easily excited or easily pleased, but no matter, I’m just so thrilled that I’ve finally found the best pencil sharpener ever!  Thanks to Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace who reviewed the product.  The pencil sharpener I speak of is the Classroom Pencil Sharpener at $19.95, free shipping included.  It’s sooooooooo worth the money.  I went through several electrical ones as well as some manual ones, and none and absolutely none, met the expectation of this pencil sharpener.  I’m in love!!!!!!!!  You see, I’m not that crazy.  We use a lot of pencils here in our homeschool and having a perfectly sharpened pencil is a necessity.  Now my dream and my children’s dreams of having a perfectly sharpened pencil every time are fulfilled.  When we first received the sharpener, I went and bought a box of pencils to test it out.  My kids and I took turn having fun sharpening each of the 50 pencils.  I’m happy to say that every single pencil resulted in a perfectly sharpened state.  After about two months of daily usage, the sharpener is still doing its job!  Yay!

The website offers videos of how this sharpener works as well as repairing it when a lead gets stuck inside the mechanism.  I’ve had to remove the lead several times and the video proved very helpful in getting the lead out.  I find that when I sharpen colored pencils, the lead tends to break off more easily, but it can be easily remedied.  Happy sharpening!

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  1. Timothy Chan says

    Interesting… it looks exactly like one of those pencil sharpening I used when I was growing up in Hong Kong.

  2. Lois says

    Yes, it does look like a typical classroom pencil sharpener when I was in elementary school. But! This one is definitely better and it works a bit differently. It sharpens all types of pencils, fat ones and skinny ones!

  3. Mary Beth says

    I, briefly, looked into what it would take to receive a free one. Unfortunately, I don’t meet the requirements. I, mean, my mom doesn’t even read my blog.
    BUT, I think I’ll buy one!

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