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Random Reflections on Homeschooling as a Pregnant Mom

I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason and naturally it affected my morning.  I simply couldn’t get out of the bed, but fortunately for a wonderful husband and five lovely kids, they made me breakfast in bed.  After daddy set the kids to do some  school, he left for work.  The kids slowly, one by one, came to my room while I was still half comatose.  They had been playing a game and they explained that they now all have new names.  I was quite amused so I started calling them by their new names just for fun.  The boys are now known as Sharkie and Sparkie and the girls are Sarah, Clara, and Hope.  I have no idea where they got these names, but I have to admit that they’re quite creative.  I let them continue with their play while I still lie in bed.  This is one of those moments that makes me really appreciate homeschooling.  I don’t have to adhere to a schedule because life gets in the way.  We simply go with the flow and be flexible.  A little school in the morning, followed by lots of play, and because we’re flexible, we can make up later in the day or the following day.  It is indeed a blessing to be able to homeschool.  I’m also grateful for oodles of kids because they’re each other’s playmates and can keep themselves occupied without my constant attention.  That’s another wonderful blessing!

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  1. Chelita says

    I totally agree. 🙂

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