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Late October Festivities

We opted this year to participate in two very different late October festivities: Reformation Day and Halloween.

Reformation Day commemorates the day that Martin Luther posted his 95 theses at the door of the church in Wittenburg in 1517.  He likely never imagined the immense impact that the relatively commonplace action would have on the whole of Christendom for centuries to come.  We took the opportunity to gather with a couple other families and give thanks for God’s use of Luther and others in that time to recover some key truths about salvation, the Bible, and God’s gracious gospel.  We enjoyed a driveway campfire with s’mores, campfire potatoes, hot dogs, hymn singing, and a brief reading about the key events leading up to and following Luther’s action in Wittenburg.

But the lure of candy was too much for our family (mostly the children) to resist, so we stopped by this afternoon at a local church’s “Harvest Festival” celebration to play some games and take in some loot.  The girls, unsurprisingly, opted to dress up as princesses.  The boys took a suggestion from Lois and were garbed in army uniforms purchased at a surplus store.

At the boys’ request and to their delight, I even picked up Army fatigues at the surplus store and donned a uniform to match them.  For the record, I’ve never served in the military… but I’m quite sure, based on looks I was getting, that a number of people (obviously, civilians) were pondering whether I was in costume or actually was military personnel.  This was even more so later in the evening when we went out to eat at a restaurant that had a “costumed kids eat free” deal, but I was one of only a couple adults in the packed restaurant in costume.  Several people were apparently staring and trying to figure out whether I was actually “for real.”  Thankfully, no one spoke up and thanked me for “my service” (that would’ve left me horrified and both parties embarrassed!).

Looking at the below photo, I’m not surprised at people’s confusion.  I’d have been confused myself (notwithstanding the glaring absence of any patches indicating rank, branch, etc.)!

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  1. Breezy Point Mom says

    I love all the costumes, especially your little soldiers.

  2. Mary Beth says

    You forgot about your “diet of worms”! 🙂

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