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More Sewing Fun

I’m so pleasantly surprised that the boys have taken to sewing so much.  They’ve been making so many projects every day!  It definitely warms my heart to see them so excited.  I took them to the fabric store the other day to pick up some supplies for their sewing needs, and both of them were giddy to get their own supplies.  Even before we got home, they looked through their own stash and and admired each item fondly.  They were definitely better than toys!  Definitely more useful and satisfying.

The Sewing School book we’re using is a sure winner in our house.  At first I wasn’t sure if the projects were interesting enough because I was looking through the lens of an adult.  But, for a child, it’s absolutely interesting and fun.  The boys have been thumbing through the book looking for projects that interest them.  They have also been blessing their sisters by making them tote bags and eye mask.

Matthew with his finished projects:  tote bag, ipod case, various fabric buttons, and a blanket pocket buddy.  By the way, Matthew is in the process of making me an ipod case.  What a thoughtful boy!

Andrew and his finished projects: needle book, pin cushion, various fabric buttons, tote bag, and blanket pocket buddy.  He’s currently making a pink tote bag for his pink-obsessed sister.

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