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Children Learning How to Sew

My boys have expressed an interest to sew for quite a while now, but because of my lack of energy during pregnancy, I’ve been procrastinating.  I finally got to it today with teaching them.  They were so excited and it was encouraging for me to see them so enthusiastic in learning.  We are using Plumley and Lisle’s Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make.  I like this kid friendly book and the explanations are very easy to understand.  This book mostly teaches hand sewing with few machine sewing projects.

For our first day of sewing class, the boys each made a needle book and a pin cushion for their sewing kit.

While I was napping, my oldest made a bean bag on his own with his favorite camouflage fabric.

The boys already have more projects in mind to make.

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  1. Grace Dao says

    Wow, that’s wonderful! Caleb has watched me sew with much interest. I also started knitting a scarf for him before summer and he watched on with excitement. Amazing what little hands can do!

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