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Happy Father’s Day!

And in the long tradition of previous years (see here, here, and here), I got another cool custom t-shirt.  Bonus points to readers who pick up on (and leave a comment regarding) the not-so-subtle message hidden in plain sight:

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  1. Petrie says

    Congratulations! Awesome news! I am very happy for you guys. Please pass my love on to Lois as well!….wow!

  2. Andrea says

    I know! I know!

  3. Gabe says

    Congratulations! I was wondering when one of the recent posts mentioned that the kids had been doing breakfasts while Lois had a hard time getting going in the morning! We are so excited for your family!

  4. Andrew & Rebecca S. says

    Baby!?! Congrats Dings. Miss y’all. Hope we can catch up some time.

  5. Michael says

    So, time to think about one of these?

    BTW this is a family at my church has 6 kids. For now.

    Congrats! 🙂

  6. Mary Beth says

    Overachievers! 80)

  7. Grace Dao says

    What do I do with the bonus points?? Very excited for you all! 🙂

  8. Abbey says

    Congratulations! Yay for baby number 6! I picked up on it before I read the comments and before I watched the video. Do I still get bonus points?!?

    I am so happy for you, Evers and Lois. I will be praying for your newest little blessing and for a healthy pregnancy. When is the baby due?

    God bless your sweet family,

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