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Pick Your Own Caption

We had dinner with some friends, and afterwards the children explored the office a bit.  One of our friends assisted in helping them to explore the inside of a storage cabinet!

Any suggestions for a good caption?

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  1. Tim Chan says

    “Not only is our quiver full of them, but our cabinets as well!”

  2. Mary Beth says

    Hahahaha! I have no caption advice. Just love the picture and Tim’s offer.

  3. tiff lay says

    “For Rent: 5 room, No bath…”

  4. Dan Hall says

    \Hmmmm… now where did I put my two year old?\

  5. Dan Hall says

    “I’m sorry, sir. We have no room in the cabinet.”

  6. Andrea says

    A new cruise liner has opened to ensure even big families can enjoy the high seas during these tough economic times. Just stow and go on your next Caribbean vacation!

  7. Yaz says

    “Bunk Beds 2011.”

    I can’t believe how big Matthew is…he hardly fits into that cubby!

  8. Laura Simpson says

    NEW! IKEA Kid Storage Solutions!

  9. Chelita says

    I love this! Cracking up over here. lol

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