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My Little “Snakes”

Today’s science lesson was on snakes and lizards.  For the record, I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES!!!  They creep me out!  I still recall the time when I had to take an animal biology class in college.  As soon as I purchased my textbook for the class, I went through all the pages with pictures of snakes and then carefully cover each one with a piece of paper just so I wouldn’t get freaked out when I read that page.  Apparently I did such a great job that a friend who borrowed my biology textbook the following quarter couldn’t understand what the book was saying when describing snakes.  She was so confused that she had to talk to me.  It was then I revealed to her that I had covered all the snake pictures.  She was no longer confused but I still have the snake phobic after all these years.

When I did the school prep for this particular lesson, I told my husband that our children will have a biased view of this lesson.  I didn’t flash any snake pictures on our big screen.  Turns out that my children didn’t get a biased view of snakes despite my phobia.  They knew all about snakes.  When I started explaining how snakes move despite having no legs, the children already knew that it was because snakes had scutes or scales under their bellies that enable them to move.  They got so into the lesson that all of them decided they would be snakes and scoot on their bellies.  They even had a race!  Now, that’s as hands-on as we’ll ever get on learning about snakes.

Here are the kids scooting on their bellies on their snake race.  Notice the cute moo moo cow diaper my 2-year-old is wearing?  I love it.  So Adorable.  I get distracted easily.  I know.

The boys decided that they’d have a private race just between the two of them.

Now, I can handle these types of “snakes.”  I can even hug them, kiss them, and cuddle with them.  That’s my kind of “snakes.”

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  1. estella says

    hahaha. i love the video.

  2. tiff says

    your kiddos are getting so big…!!

  3. Breezy Point Mom says

    Lois, if you are interested in all at reading my blog, still, would you please stop by it and see the second post from the top. Thank you.

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