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She Cut Her Hair!

This was inevitable.  It happened once before, but still, there was no guarantee that it was not going to happen again.  A two-year-old plus a pair of scissors is just not a good combo.

A couple of minutes ago, my two-year-old daughter came up the stairs with a pair of scissors in hand and I found a lock of hair by her foot.

I picked her up.

And found another lock.  And another.  And still another.

Then I looked more closely at her hair and saw the damage.

Sigh. . . . self-application of scissors is definitely not the preferred method for giving a toddler a haircut.

Life is undoubtedly filled with adventures with little ones.  Now I have to go figure out how to cover her little head.

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  1. Andrea says

    Just in time for a spring bonnet!

  2. Gabe says

    Oh no! She did a good job of it too! Maybe it will grow back quickly?

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