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When you have children, “interruptions” defines your life.  Whether you’re engaging in a meaningful or trivial task, interruptions from the children will ALWAYS happen.

This morning right after I set up the screen for school, one child yelped in pain.  One of the siblings decided to leap on him.  So, before we could even start, we had an interruption.  Not a great start in the day. After some talking, apologizing, and relationship-mending, we are ready.

Half way through the lesson, the same child cried because he had a bloody nose.

Another interruption.

Nurse Mommy came to the rescue and took care of the bleeding nose.  Then, we discovered the the blood on the child’s shirt as well as on the couch!  There’s more work to be done.  So, we proceeded to take off the shirt and the couch cover off  to get the blood stain out.  (Can I just say that I’m thankful for these removable covers from Ikea?)

After removing the cushions, another discovery was found.  There was a lot, and I mean a lot of fish food pellets between all the cushions.  Apparently, the youngest culprit dumped out the fish food a while ago without our knowledge. I took the vacuum cleaner out and cleared out all the fish pellets.

Where were we again?  Ah, let’s see, somewhere in the lesson.  But, we managed to pick it up and finished the lesson.

We transitioned to a different subject.  While the boys worked alongside me, the youngest one came down, needing a diaper change.

Another interruption.

Before I went off, I reminded the boys to keep on working even though I’m not physically there.  Five minutes later when I returned, I found the boys had stopped working while I was away.  Their disobedience needed to be addressed so I took the time to talk to them, which resulted in . . . .

Another interruption.

We worked on the lesson for some more until the kids started to get hungry.  I left for a while to heat up some leftovers for lunch, which of course translated into. . . .

Another interruption.

Today’s interruptions were par for the course: a very typical day.  I always set out to do what we need to accomplish, but it doesn’t always happen the way it ought to.  It’s frustrating because a task takes twice or three times as long to accomplish.  “Can’t we just get on without any more interruptions?!!!”  That’s an impossible feat, I’ve learned, when you have children.

When we are inflexible with the schedule or are under the pressure to complete a lesson or task within a given day, any interruption is frowned upon, let alone the mass of interruptions that I typically experience.  However, I’m learning to accept the fact that interruptions are a normal course of life and that they offer teaching opportunities.  Remembering to keep this perspective in mind isn’t easy.  In many ways we are driven by our goals and deadlines so that we forget that it is through interruptions that teachable moments arise.  What’s amazing is that interruptions provide teachable moments for both the parents and the children.  So, the next time when you’re ready to complain about the umpteenth interruption you’ve already had, rest in the idea that you can use unwelcomed interruptions as a valuable lesson.

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  1. Gabe says

    Great post, very encouraging!

  2. Arley says

    Wow, LOL that sounds like my days. Homeschooling can be hard. With 6.5 children, nothing runs smoothly!!

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