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Our family was introduced to a group game called Bananagrams over the Christmas break, and we’ve been playing it quite often ever since.  Bananagrams is similar to speed Scrabble where you form and reform words until all the tiles are used up.  Whoever uses up all his tiles first wins the game.  I love this game because the nerdy side of me jumps for joy when the kids enjoy a game that challenges them mentally.  The boys continue to amaze me with their ability to form both easy and complicated words.  This game is definitely a family favorite as both old and young enjoy it just the same.

Matthew thinking hard and trying to use up his tiles.

Andrew is our most unassuming one.  He’s only six-years-old so we don’t  expect him to win, especially when he comes up against his big brother and his mama.  Well, once again, he proved us otherwise and took the win!

Andrew’s winning tiles.

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  1. Peter says

    Impressive 6 yr old!
    You might be interested in the online version of speed scrabble 🙂

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