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Project: Rain Gutter Book Shelf

There is no shortage of books in our house.

And likewise, there is no shortage of book shelves.

So imagine my surprise when Lois asked if I’d be willing to build yet another book shelf.

But when she pointed me to this blogger’s idea, it made sense: build a book shelf that doesn’t just hold books, but actually advertises the books in a way that encourages kids to read more.

Not that my “book worm” kids need too much help; but this is a great idea to use idle wall space all the same.

So I assembled and installed a rain gutter book shelf in our family room (aka school room) out of a vinyl rain gutter after we made a family trip last night to Home Depot.  I installed it just under our homemade white board.

And just to prove that reading isn’t just for little ones (or that we’re asking a lot of our little ones!), check out the book on the end:

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  1. Andrea says

    Awesome! Now can you come build it in our next house? Seriously, is this something that would be removable in a rental?

  2. Gabe says

    Cool shelves. I’ve thought of putting those up too. How are they working out?

    BTW, I love raising olives! So many good ideas, tips and advice!

  3. Rebecca says

    This looks great! We did little ones for each of the kids by their beds, but I love the long one! Good work Evers!

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