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Project: New Loft Bed

It took over 9 months from start to finish.

Back in March 2010, I started building Matthew a loft bed based on the design of those sold by an online seller of “college loft beds.”

It stopped a few weeks later due to busy schedules.

I finally resumed in December with the encouragement and assistance of a handyman friend who also happened to own a very nice cup paint sprayer.

It’s now done.  And yes, as my wife commented upon first sight, it’s green.  Very green.

Here are a few photos of the construction/assembly/install from start to eventual finish:

Crazy drill-wielding kid o’ mine…

And finally, installed (though still needing a bit of paint touch-up):

Matthew’s younger brother actually got a bonus.  We converted their 2 formerly twin bunks into a mini-loft of sorts by removing one of the cross beams for the lower bunk:

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  1. Andrea says

    Green is an understatement.
    Congratulations on regaining your garage!

  2. Gabe says

    Yep, that sure is GREEN!

    Great job. It looks like it should hold up well to boys. Nice and sturdy!

  3. helen says

    Great job!! I’m sure the kiddos are super happy!! I still got many projects I need to work on for my little one…if I ever find the time…if you guys are still interested in doing more DIY projects for the kids, this is a great site:

    I plan to make a few things from those plans..all free!

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