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Socratic Method at Work in Our House

A while ago we learned about Socrates in our homeschool and even though it was not mentioned in the book, I decided to go a little bit further by teaching the kids about the Socratic Method.  The Socratic Method was the way by which Socrates taught his students whereby he answered his students’ question with his own questions.  By applying this method, the teacher forces her student to think on his own and come up with his own answer rather than being spoon fed by the teacher.  In general, this is the means I try to employ when I teach my children as well as interacting with others.

My eldest got creative and wrote a book about his stuffed animals today, and in the process of composing his adventurous story, he asked me how to spell several words.  Finally after several rounds of asking, he came to me and said, “Mommy, sometimes when I ask you a question, you answer me like Socrates.”  Be still, my heart!  Every nerd fiber in me got me excited.  My boy actually understood the Socratic Method and realized that I’ve been applying it.  I love it when they get it!

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  1. Ivan says

    Yes, cool. But wait until he starts doing the same to you when you ask him questions!

  2. Lois says

    Ivan – Hahahahaha. You’re absolutely right! I’m gonna be so stuck if he does that to me.

  3. Evers says

    Nah, not an issue.

    We’ll just revert to the age-old:

    “Answer my question first, you disrespectful young man, or to the shed!!!”

  4. Yaz says

    HAHAHAHA! That kid would make public school teachers cry…

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