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Starting a New Christmas Tradition

We love the Christmas season and every year on the day after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree.

For various reasons (economical, cultural, upbringing), that tree was actually a plasticized replica of a tree purchased on sale after Christmas at Sears a number of years ago.

So “put up” = unbox, sort, assemble and decorate.  This is all we have known, and all our children have ever known (sad, we know).

This year, however, just as we were about to start the annual process of getting out the “tree” from the garage.  But just then, Evers remembered that in the process of disassembling the tree last year, the base had broken!  And no spare parts were then available from the manufacturer.   What to do?  What a let down!  Instead of mourning our loss, we decided to do something different.  How about getting a real tree?  But definitely not from Home Depot or Lowe’s parking lot.  How about we cut one down and haul it home (something we’d read about in books but never had actually seen someone do in person)?

Adventurous and spontaneous family that we are, we headed out within the hour to start a new Christmas tradition!

We drove up into the mountains to a tree farm, and it was a beautiful sunny day for it.  We passed by several Christmas tree farms as we drove up and up the mountain.  We saw many cars coming down with Christmas trees on their rooftops.  What a new experience for us to behold.  We had never done this before.  I felt like I had missed some sort of memo about getting a Christmas tree from a real tree farm versus a parking lot with pre-cut trees (let alone Sears’ clearance aisle after Christmas).  We finally made it up to the tree farm of our choice, which was the highest point you could go up.  How exciting it was for us to see a huge crowd there, just hanging out.  Some were even BBQ’ing and having a picnic.  Oh boy, I felt I had missed out all my life!  After we got some free hot cocoa and apple cider the farm provided, off we went to search for the perfect tree.

We had so much fun looking for the one, and the kids had a great time wandering around.  They each hauled around a tree branch of their own.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, we found the perfect tree!  Here we posed in front of it before sawing it down to take it home.

Daddy had the honor of cutting it down.  Our friends helped too!

Strapping the tree onto our rooftop and driving it home.  We made sure our eldest got off the roof before we started driving again.

Setting it up in our living room.

Here is our beautiful and nicely decorated tree.  I love looking at it!

We are proud owners of a real Christmas tree and we absolutely love it!  We are so not going back to owning a fake tree; thus, henceforth, we will be adopting this tree hunting, cutting, and hauling as our Christmas tradition.  Next year we’ll bring our own BBQ and make a picnic out of it.

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  1. Andrea says

    You picked a good one! We started out with a fake tree which got sold during our Evergreen state years. That left us treeless in Japan so we Charlie Browned it with a tabletop version. Back in the states we opted for the parking lot variety. In Spain we broke down and bought a fake tree that cost a fortune in euros and was pathetic. Then back to a real tree again in WA. Here in CO, we’ve had one year of no tree (Daddy was deployed), one year from the Starbucks parking lot and now our fake tree sits adorned for the season with no watering to monitor in this dry climate. And we’ll be stuck with fake for the next few years since cutting down palm trees isn’t practical in Hawaii. But you are right… the thrill of cutting your own is the best.

  2. Breezy Point Mom says

    What a blessing that your old tree broke. This one is a delight! Enjoy your Christmas season.

  3. Michael says

    Of all the flack I have been giving you all…good job!!! 🙂

    Although the angel seems to be touching the ceiling. Not much you could have trimmed though.

    I’ll try to take a picture of my finished tree. This is my first one from a few years ago, and I still think it takes the cake.

  4. Mary Beth says

    Sigh. Does this mean we have to keep keeping up with the Dings? Drats.

    It does look lovely, though. 80)

  5. Addison says

    That really is a nice tree. Can’t wait to see it next Saturday. =)

  6. Gabe says

    I LOVE your new tradition! Growing up in Oregon we always went out and cut our own tree, I loved that tradition. I’ve resigned myself to the fake tree for now, but maybe ours will break one of these days too?

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