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Julia Child’s 20-second Omelette

My kids like omelette but I don’t like making it because it takes too long.  So, my husband makes the omelette for the kids.

Recently I came across Julia Child’s 20-second omelette through a friend.  I was stoked.  You can make an omelette in 20 seconds??!!!  We gave it a try and was sold!  Now we’ve been enjoying yummy omelettes 20 seconds at a time.

First time around we used a stainless steel pan but it didn’t work as well so you just have to listen to Julia Child and use a non-stick pan.

For your enjoyment and happy consumption, here is Julia Child teaching you how to make an omelette:

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5 Responses

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  1. Andrea says

    Ahh, butter makes the world go round doesn’t it. Now do you have a secret for evenly cooked pancakes?

  2. Laura says

    I like her rejection of the omelette pan.

  3. Jonathan says

    This looks great! 😛

  4. Michael says

    Mom WAS RIGHT all along about beating eggs with chopsticks! How could I doubt her for 25…um…all these years? 😛

    Julia Child seems more active on this clip than in recent shows…I guess she was doing more of the cooking back in the 70s.

  5. Kendra Fletcher says

    So, Jack watched this when I showed him your blog and now he’s made them twice. They’ll be our dinner tomorrow night, too. Thanks!

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