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How to Get to Heaven

Listening in on kids’ conversations are always entertaining.  I overhead the following conversation between my two boys recently:

7 yo:  “Heaven is a very special place and you can’t get there by airplane.”

5 yo:  “You need a rocket!”

Once again, my 5 yo solved the problem for all those who are wondering about heaven.

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  1. Petrie Montgomery says

    Well, that’s a start on knowing it’s not by works alone…we all need some help from an outside source!

  2. Vikki says

    Too cute!! 🙂

  3. Petrie Montgomery says

    Oops! For those of you who read my previous comment, we’re not saved by works AT ALL! My wording was incorrect. I’m blaming it on writing it right after a case of food poisoning; I really was sick and wasn’t thinking clearly. We are saved by grace (God alone provides the rocket ship!) through faith (when we trust the rocket ship to get us there!). No works of ours can even get us close. Sorry for the blooper.

  4. estella says

    hehe. funny.

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