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Extending the Lifespan of a Shirt

With the way my boys store their clothes, it’s difficult to find a long sleeve shirt.  I decided to solve the problem by turning a short sleeve shirt that my son had outgrown into a long sleeve shirt.  I know. . . interesting way of solving the problem, but at least it’s more fun and interesting for me.  I’ll just have to teach them the right way of solving their laundry sorting problem some time in the future.

Here’s the original shirt that’s too small:

Now it’s a long sleeve shirt.  I added sleeves and lengthened the bottom:

My boy modeling his “new” shirt.  Once again he can show to the world that he still loves his daddy.

I’m really stoked that this actually worked and I didn’t even spend a penny!

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  1. Teri says

    My dear, you are brilliant!! So stylish and frugal, too. Love it.

  2. Andrea says

    I just noticed the rocker behind him and I suddenly feel rocker envy. 😉

  3. Vikki says

    That is such a great idea!!!! I hope some day to know how to do things like that. 🙂 Pat yourself on the back; it looks great!

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