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Product Recommendation: “Set” Card Game

My boys and I have been enjoying playing Set, a card game of visual perception.  Cards are categorized by color, shading, shape, and number.  A ‘Set’ consists of three cards in which each feature is EITHER the same on each card OR is different on each card.  Sounds a bit confusing, eh?  Well, fear not, here’s an online tutorial to get you started.

I secretly bought this game to help my kids work their brains, but as a result, my brain got a workout too.  I’m quite nerdy this way.  I only like games that make you think, but not too hard.  My 7-year-old is quite good at it and he’s beating me these days.  Even my five-year-old is catching up and beating me.  They have a knack for it.  They see things better than I can.  Maybe it’s because my brain is more clogged with other stuff than theirs.  At least my math skills are still better, but I wonder how long it’ll last.  I take comfort in that they feel sorry for me by encouraging me and praising me when I can’t find a ‘Set’.  Ahhhh. . . . my boys. . . I love them though it’s rather embarrassing at times, but I don’t mind.

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  1. Melissa says

    Wow, I tried the online daily puzzle. That is quite challenging but fun!
    If you like games that get you thinking, have you tried Blokus? Chris and I enjoy playing it.

  2. Teri says

    My dual-PhD brother introduced this game to my children (well, when they *were* children) and they LOVED it. Uncle Russ has been a source of puzzling delight for them. Have fun!!

  3. Petrie Montgomery says

    Thanks for the intro to this game. Merrilee went through the tutorial and really enjoyed it. We played online together and I think we’ll make it a daily habit!

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