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We Have a Winner!

A week ago, we offered a giveaway of a lovingly homemade cover for an ESV study bible.

We decided to do the old-fashion way of drawing a name from a bowl.  In spite of my husband’s urging of doing [fill-in-geek-talk-about-randomization-algorithm-implemented-in-an-Excel-spreadsheet].

The boys participated in this completely random drawing (overseen by a nationally recognized auditing firm) by pulling a name…

(Feeling the suspense building yet?)

And the winner is …

The winning entrant is invited to contact us by e-mail to let us know which fabric you’d prefer.

Thanks to all for participating!  Please come again for a future giveaway!

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  1. The Motts says

    Really? Really? REALLY??? Thank you so much, Lois and Evers!!! This is so exciting! I showed your post to the girls and they are thrilled as well. Gary’s at work right now, but I emailed him and am sure he’s jumping up and down in his cubicle right now (okay, maybe not :)). What an incredible blessing. Gary will be so proud to be able to carry his well-dressed Bible to church now :).

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