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Book Review: Saved at Sea

We recently finished O. F. Walton’s Saved at Sea during our morning read aloud time, and I’m very happy to report that this an excellent book.  I love it as much as the kids did.  This is a story of a young boy name Alec and his grandfather living on a lonely island taking care of the lighthouse.  The duo’s lives were typically lonely and unexciting, but their lives were changed when they rescued a little girl from a sinking ship.

The book moves quickly from chapter to chapter which makes the story captivating and exciting.  My children thoroughly enjoyed this book, and once again, to my surprise, they understood the story more than I’d imagined.

When an old gentleman visited Alec and his grandfather on the island and asked what kind of foundation their house was built on, Alec answered it was built on a solid rock.  Then the old gentleman inquired again, “And are you on the rock, my lad?” (p. 56)  Alec didn’t quite understand what the old gentleman was getting at so Alec repeated his previous answer and reaffirmed the guest that their house was indeed built on a solid rock.  The old gentleman thus asked again, “But you, are you on the rock?” At this point my eldest stood up and said, “He’s talking about Christ the solid rock!”  Upon hearing that, my second born said, “I know how to sing that song!” and immediately started humming the tune.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  I love the fact that the gospel message is woven into the story and how Alec and his grandfather came to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The lyrics for the hymn The Solid Rock is included in the back of the book with several pages of explanation.

Note: At the time of reading, the ages of my children are 6 1/2, 4 1/2, 4, 2 1/4, and 3 months.

P.S. The text of the book, with illustrations, is also available online for free in various formats.

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  1. Heather says

    Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I’ve been a lurker here for a long time. Thank you for the book reviews.
    Your children are darling.

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