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Book Review: Mary Jones and her Bible

maryjones.jpgI just finished reading Mary Jones and Her Bible by Mary Ropes to the kids during our morning read aloud time.  This book is about a little Welsh girl who lived 200 years ago.  The Word of God was more precious than anything to Mary Jones.  But she did not possess her own copy of the Scriptures.  So for six years, she took on odd jobs to earn money, and then finally walked 25 miles to the nearest seller of Welsh bibles to procure her own copy.

The story isn’t exciting and full of adventures like the last book we read (The Golden Thread).  It simply tells the account of a little girl and her desire to have a Bible of her own.  I couldn’t help but be so enthralled by Mary’s determined plan to get a Bible despite numerous obstacles along the way.  If only we, the more privileged ones in this century, had the same mindset as Mary Jones.  In fact, her story inspired the eventual founding of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

My children loved this book and already I have seen the influence this book has had on my boys.  My oldest told me that he wanted to earn the $5 he’s supposed to bring for his AWANA club in order to help start AWANA clubs in third world countries.  He went on to say that Mary Jones took on many side jobs in order to earn money to buy a Bible, so he wanted to do chores around the house to earn the $5 for his AWANA club.  This was his idea and naturally, I was so encouraged by my boy’s determination.

My second boy told me that he wanted to learn how to read so he can go to AWANA next year.  This again came from Mary Jones’ example.  Mary was a poor little girl and didn’t know how to read.  Because of her desire to have a Bible of her own, Mary was diligent and used her time wisely in learning how to read.  My little boy was inspired by Mary’s example.  He was once reluctant in doing his phonics lessons, but nowadays he’s more diligent and more willing to read.

When a book inspires the little ones towards the Lord, I know I’ve got a good book and it’s definitely a keeper.  So, without reservation, I heartily recommend this book.

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  1. Chris K says

    wow that sounds like a fascinating book. Glad to hear your children already want to pursue God. It is times like these, in their youth, when there is much ground to be gained or lost. When habits can be developed that will allow them to stay on the narrow path and not become a simple mind who ends up being destroyed. I wonder if your kids would enjoy biographies then like “Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God,” a short book discussing 5 missionaries and their challenges. A very good book. I couldn’t put it down after I started it. You can find it online for free at Pipers desinggod website. Another book is “Through the Gates of Splendor” by Elliot.

  2. Lois says


    Excellent book recommendations, but a bit over the level of our five children ages 7 and under. Mary Jones and Her Bible is written at a level appropriate for school-age children.

    Noel Piper’s Faithful Women… and Elliot’s Through Gates of Splendor are both excellent biographies, but beyond our kids.

    For those following this thread, however, we’d also commend the Lightkeepers series from Christian Focus publications, which are 10-to-a-book introductory-level biographies of notable men and women in history written for children of younger ages.

  3. Chris K says

    ohhhhhhhhhh hehe. Oops.

  4. Rebecca Jones says

    Thanks for this Lois. Helpful post!

    I am inspired for our next read aloud.


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