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John 3:16 – “Sign Language”

I had the opportunity this morning to sit on our my children’s pre-school Sunday School class today, which is taught by a terrific mom of 4-year-old twin girls.  I so appreciate her patience and persistence, week after week, in helping to reinforce the things we teach our children on a daily basis from the Word at home.

As part of today’s lesson, she taught them to “sign” through John 3:16.  This evening, just before bedtime, I decided to have some fun and lead all of them in the same activity.  Enjoy:

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  1. Becky, a slave of Christ says

    Sign language is such a blessing for young children who are not yet able to articulate vocally but know what they want. Understanding comes early and they can learn to sign much earlier than they can learn to speak. If you google “baby sign language” there is a ton of information out there (I suspect that Bethany would appreciate it very much). Congratulations on that new little beauty by the way!

  2. Becky, a slave of Christ says

    P.S. Your children are such delightful little squirmers!

  3. Lura says

    What sweet kids! Watching children recite scripture always brings me to tears. What joy it must bring God to hear that and what a nice way to start my day! Now I need to go work on teaching my own children their verse for Awana tonight!

  4. Tracy Sonnheim says

    I found this while searching for John 3:16 in sign language to teach my kids. What a delightful way for them to learn it, from other children! Thank you 🙂
    We also homeschool–14b, 9b, 5b, 3g, 1g, 3wksb

  5. patdurfee says

    I was searching for John 3;16 in sign lang and was delighted. Our preschoolers are quick to learn. When I explained son to them one said boy baby? was GOD a baby? I said yes just like you were all babies when you were born.They were amazed.

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